Advantages of Data Analytics

We live in a world filled with data and the volume of data is expanding at an unprecedented rate. In such a scenario, data analytics becomes an extremely powerful tool for analysing data and gathering insights that help make decisions for organisations. Some ways how data analytics can help companies are the following.

Data analytics helps companies manage online consumers by profiling them and engaging with them appropriately. In a business environment that is increasingly giving power to consumers, data analytics is going to be very powerful tool in the future.

Data analytics helps in making risk assessments for companies by considering the social and economic factors.

Data analytics is even more relevant while looking to invest in stock markets. Data analytics helps make realistic judgments about the risks and performance of companies and make appropriate about the health of companies.

Data analytics can help users to make predictive analysis about companies and make predictions about the future financial status of companies in stock markets.

Perhaps most importantly data analytics helps in identifying and generating new revenue streams.

Companies have begun to realise the advantages of data analytics in gaining competitive advantage.

The Data Analytics course imparts in students, the tools and the skill sets that help them make inferences out of volumes of data by asking the right questions and analysing the data, thereby helping them make successful data inferences.


o   Introduction

o   Formatting Data

o   Conditional Formatting

o   Advanced Charting

o   Pivot Tables & Pivot Reporting

o   VBA and Macros

o   Data Tables, Simulations and Solver

Introduction to R

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The ubiquity of mobile phones and the explosion of smartphones is driving the growth and adoption of Android phones and Android applications. This has created a sea of opportunities for programmers on the Android platform. This course enables learners to understand the entire Android Apps Development Cycle and also independently create new Android Applications. This course is ideal for beginners in programming who want to enter a new niche segment. Freelancers who wish to take advantage of the increasing demand for custom Android app development can also take this course.

Android App Development

Java Concepts

ADT Setup

Layout and Activities

Create your own 3 page android app

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