About Us

Who We Are

Institute of Technical Excellence (ITE) is a division of Basket Option Pvt Ltd. ITE has been created with a vision of bringing practical industry-relevant learning experience to students all over the world, helping them achieve their goals in life.

ITE offers different courses covering the different domains under the broad spectrum of engineering courses. ITE courses are delivered by selected IITians/Phds with experience in the industry who share the passion of bridging this gap between the academia and the industry.

Our Belief

Despite the high unemployment figures across India and around the world, companies struggle to find the right skilled candidates for most industries. This is perhaps more true for engineering than for any other industry.

We at ITE realize that the students who are pursuing engineering from various colleges are taught theoretical concepts but the skill to apply those concepts in real world situations is not imparted to them. Perhaps skills required to make students employable cannot be taught by the faculty in the colleges due to various constraints.

This is the reason why recruiters often find the candidates as unemployable. As a consequence, companies end up investing a lot of money and time in putting the newly selected candidates through training to actually make them employable.

In interviews for engineering jobs, recruiters can easily judge the knowledge application skill of candidates by asking relevant questions. If self-driven students are taught skills that make them as close to being fully employable as possible, then they will clearly rise above the competition. If some candidates are more employable than others, they would naturally be more attractive for potential recruiters.


How we are different

  • We are one stop solution for all technological courses.
  • All our students are given live projects to develop during their course. We provide full mentorship for developing these projects. The students are given certification only after they have developed the project.
  • We offer placement assistance to our students.
  • The best student of the class gets a 50% scholarship.
  • All our courses are taught by people who are working in the industry. So, the latest technological skills are imparted.